America`s Great Loop
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Little known facts about Larry Harcum:

  • He doesn't wear sunscreen because he "tans well".
  • He doesn't wear socks because they’re a waste of money.
  • He actually enjoyed his 20 years as a bank operations manager.
  • But rather than looking like your typical banker, everyone thought he looked more like the bank robber.
  • He barely skated out of high school with a "D" average, but redeemed himself and graduated college in three years.
  • He speaks fluent Spanish, but likes to mix in English, creating a Spanglish soup

Larry G. Harcum
Every Day is Saturday

All that aside, first-time author Harcum is thoroughly enjoying retirement. But that doesn't mean he's sitting around waiting for the shuffle board courts to open. He is currently exploring new adventures in the Caribbean and South Carolina, but still takes time out for extended jet ski trips from Key West to Virginia Beach with friends. He and his wife of twenty-five years, Betsy, are living comfortably off the winnings from all those people who bet he would never complete the Great Loop.

Larry's next book is in the making, but right now, it's just a dream.