America`s Great Loop
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DreamRider is a non-fiction book about the author, Larry Harcum, who traveled 5,805 miles in 87 days on a jet ski over the waterway know as The Great Loop. The Loop is the waterway route that circumnavigates the Eastern Portion of the United States.  One can access The Great Loop at any point. Larry started at Virginia Beach, Virginia. From his starting point he traveled up the Atlantic Coast, past New York City, and then onto the Hudson River, through the Erie Canal (west), out into Lake Erie, into Lake Huron, around Michigan, and into Lake Michigan, following the Illinois River from Chicago into the Upper Mississippi. Then Larry took the Tennessee River and Tombigbee River to Mobile, Alabama which dropped Larry into the Gulf of Mexico. Then he would hang a left (east) and head for the Florida Panhandle and down the west coast of Florida until he hit Key West; making the turn at Key West and head back up the East Coast and ending at the starting point Virginia Beach. Yes 5,805 miles!

The paperback book has 240 pages and 51 great pictures. This book was written to chronicle the events, times and places that one may encounter during the adventure of a lifetime on The Great Loop.  If you like adventure, dreams come true, real life action and great humor this may be the book for you. It was the dream for him.

Come join Larry on the adventure of a lifetime.